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Power of Being Young at Heart   no comments

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TRY – Power of Being Young at Heart

A friend sent me a link to George Burns singing “I Wish I Was Eighteen Again”.

Nostalgia set in and the song catapulted me back in time to my youth and I realized how quickly the pages of life turn. We can’t go back in time however we can be “young at heart” no matter how old we are.

We are all stressed with the changes and challenges that life presents us with these days, however, if we don’t step back and look at life from the “young at heart” perspective, we will have missed life’s beauty and wonderment.

When was the last time you did something spontaneous, silly, and laughable or even made a fool of yourself? Quick, come up with a memory of feeling complete abandonment! Oh you can’t.

It’s summer; I strongly suggest you GO FOR IT now and enjoy life to the fullest! George Burns did and he died at 100.

Written by Terry on July 5th, 2011

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