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Ep. 24 – Become a Better You in 2023 with Terry Yoffe

SHOW NOTES Terry Yoffe poses the question: 2023 How Can You Create a Better Version of You? Over the next few months, Terry will be talking about how you can shift your mindset and become that better version of yourself as she has conversations with experts that will...

How Can Mindfulness Make You Be a Better Leader?

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TRY Coaching — Power of Being Mindful

Where did it go? I turned my head for a moment and that summer was gone. Yes, we all had a grand time filled with family travels, especially visiting amusement parks.

Each park had huge rides and entertainment galore. The real attractions were the people looking to find exhilaration and a sense of adventure, and in my mind courage, to be tossed, thrown, jolted, and turned upside-down and down-side up on some of the scariest rides. When you are facing drops of up to a couple hundred feet, or being suspended in mid air, you have no choice but to be “in the now” and enjoy or fear the “thrill of it all.”

Denis Waitley, a Motivational Speaker and Author had this to say about the Power of the Moment:
“Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time, over which you have any control: NOW.”

So, what happens when we leave the fantasy and get into the zone of our real lives? We forget about being in the moment and go back to being in the past or being in the future. We forget about the power of mindfulness and the opportunities that can arise when we are in the NOW.

As a career and business coach, most clients always look at the past and future and don’t spend time staying in the present to explore their issues. If looking to move forwards with business situations they always go to the future perspective of “What If”. What if it doesn’t work out; what if I fail; what if I can’t make enough money. Or, they look in that rear view mirror and see the past and something didn’t work back then. Then the dialogue becomes, “It didn’t work then or if only” I had done something different. Of course, we can’t change the past, only learn from our experiences and take them into the present and future. By keeping clients mindful and being present and asking “What is True Right Now”, they begin to see that they have choices based on what they know at this time without guessing about the future or believing because something happened in the past; it means it won’t work now.

If you were to view your life looking down from a helicopter what would you see? Would you say that you’re running your life, or that life is running you? If you aren’t being present and mindful then you aren’t controlling your life.

We all get caught up in the vortex of our existence. Without realizing it, we are carelessly flitting away precious and fragile moments without truly understanding the consequences of our actions. And what might those consequences be, you ask? How about never reliving those lost moments!

I offer you a powerful question:
How can being Mindful and living in the moment help you professionally and personally
achieve your desired outcomes in a more supportive and effective way?