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Ep. 24 – Become a Better You in 2023 with Terry Yoffe

SHOW NOTES Terry Yoffe poses the question: 2023 How Can You Create a Better Version of You? Over the next few months, Terry will be talking about how you can shift your mindset and become that better version of yourself as she has conversations with experts that will...

One small step can lead to success and accomplishment by facing your fears and anxieties one step at a time.

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Terry R. Yoffe, Career Coach –TRY Coaching – Power of One Small Step

I recently tuned into the movie “A Chorus Line” and once again I was struck by the transformation of a group of actors that went from feeling insecure during the auditioning stage to confident, self-assured singers as they smiled and danced through the finale number of ONE!!

What changed for these singers as they belted out these lyrics?

“ONE singular sensation — Every little step you take”

They started believing in themselves and what they could accomplish after telling the others their insecurities and life stories.

Robert Collier, author of self-help books, concurs with his voice: “Your chances of success in any understanding can always be measured by your belief in yourself”

As an executive coach, clients seek my services for this very reason. Whatever the circumstance, they feel that they have lost their footing and are feeling insecure and out of balance. And when they look at the big picture, it is daunting and overwhelming and don’t know where to start, almost like climbing Mt. Everest!

However, once we consider small mole hills to start exploring their issues rather than something exhausting and overbearing, it becomes easier to see the issues at hand and how to dissect each one, by taking small steps to overcome the fears and anxieties.

Being able to reframe a situation and understand what is getting in the way of creating change is part of the coaching process and then having the client start to go out in the world with this new perspective, taking that one small step, leads to success and accomplishment.

What can change for you if you took that ONE small step right now that could make a difference in your life and have you feeling confident, self assured and sensational?