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Tackling the Myths of Coaching

Coaches Creating Change with Executive Coach Terry Yoffe and Coach Laurie Lawson. On today's show we look at the myths around coaching -- you can make lots of money sitting at home in your pajamas; coaches tell clients what to do; you can go to a coaching school for a...

Coaches Creating Change – How Are You Creating Awareness with Powerful Questioning?

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How are You Creating Awareness with Powerful Questioning?
“Coach Laurie Lawson and Executive Coach, Terry Yoffe, discuss ICF’s Core Competency #6 – Powerful Questioning.
It’s not always about the questions but about how you lean into your clients so that your questions are powerful enough to create value and awareness.
Tune in to find out exactly what makes powerful questioning effective and optimizes a client’s ability to discover and learn about themselves and their thinking.”