TRY Coaching Podcast, “Extraordinary Work: Conversations about Creating Change

This podcast will connect you with people who work passionately, striving to make a difference in their corner of the world.

I hope these authentic and inspiring conversations will help you channel your ability to create change.

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“Terry is a straight shooter that gets right to the point and gets you exactly where you want to go. I love hearing these conversations!!!”
– Samantha

Ep. 60 – From Poverty to Success to Giving Back with Cindy Witteman


Meet Cindy Witteman, who grew up in poverty from the back roads of Tennessee and took her underwear to school to wash as she had no running water.
She understands what it was like not to take action and, therefore, kept finding herself in the same situation. Until one day, she changed course and started making different choices.

Today, Cindy is a powerhouse and a “FORCE to be reckoned with. You’ll want to listen as she talks about her incredible journey, her many accomplishments and how giving back is her super power.

Ep. 59 – How To Triumph Over Seemingly Impossible Odds with Dylan Smith


Meet Dylan Smith, a young, extraordinary human being, who lived in a Russian orphanage until an American family adopted him, was misdiagnosed with ADHD for many years until they found out he actually had Dyslexia. Then, defying all odds, Dylan overcame his dyslexia by doing whatever it took to get to where he wanted to go.

He strongly believes, “You can accomplish anything that you put your mind to even if it is seemingly impossible”.

Today, Dylan is a motivational speaker, a successful tech support person and he uses his experiences to raise awareness about dyslexia while inspiring others. He lets us in on how building resilience, willpower and determination allows us to achieve our goals and desires.

Ep. 58 – Discovering and Embracing Your Personal Power with Claudia Wyatt


Have you worked for a toxic leader? Probably – more of us than not, myself included.

Do you remember what that felt like, how your self-esteem and confidence plummeted so, when you thought about changing jobs, you were too afraid – thinking these feelings you have had are really true? Also very important, all leaders should listen to see if they qualify as a toxic leader.

Meet Claudia Wyatt, Founder of Wyatt Coaching, LLC, and a dynamic and high-powered woman.

Claudia lays out a road map as to how she works with teams by empowering and inspiring people to believe in themselves and to take back their personal power.

Ep. 57 – What Does It Take to Have a Millionaire’s Mind with Daniel Gome


Have a listen to is inspirational and emotionally charged episode as Daniel Gomez offers insightful advice on ways to unlock your untapped potential in business and in life.

His passion is to elevate businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve their true potential, and he believes successful people are resourceful and don’t make excuses, and instead say “How Can I make this Happen?”

Daniel is an award-winning keynote speaker, business coach, corporate trainer and international bestselling author of The Makings of a Millionaire Mind.

Ep. 56 – Mastering Communication Skills are Key to Your Success with Meredith Bell


Did you know that communication skills are one of the key factors used in being hired by a company or, for that matter, in any interaction, whether personally or professionally?

My guest, Meredith Bell, Co-Founder and President of Grow Strong Leaders, which publishes software tools and books that help people build strong relationships in work and in life, offers ways to improve their communication skills.

Meredith offers both skill building and character-building tools that allow us to review our own communication skills and see where we might need to improve.

Ep. 55 – F**K Your Past and Move Forward with Tzachi Ozeri


Wouldn’t it be great if you could leave your past behind and move forward with a clean slate? Tzachi Ozeri, author of the book Fyp: Fuck Your Past, unveils to us the keys to setting yourself free to become the person you aspire to be by overcoming your inner barriers.

If you are ready to move forward and genuinely say, “fuck the past,” have a listen as Tzachi shares with you how changing your focus from victim to taking charge will help reprogram your subconscious and create a new habit for a new reality.

Ep. 54 – Do You Know a Narcissist and How To Deal with One with Rebecca Zung


Rebecca Zung is considered one of the top high-conflict expert negotiators in dealing with narcissists. She is one of the top 1% attorneys in the country – a master negotiator and 3X author.

Her most recent book, SLAY the Bully: How to Negotiate with a Narcissist and Win, outlines the 4 steps necessary on how to set the stage for winning the war with a narcissist.

This is an episode you won’t want to miss as Rebecca shares strategies and tools about the behaviors and mindsets of a narcissist and how to go from victim to victory.

Ep. 53 – Do You Know the Importance of Developing Dynamic Teams with Nadine Karp Mchugh


Meet Nadine Karp Mchugh, an iconic and outstanding media and marketing executive that has spent her entire career making a difference by providing impact and value to companies and to the teams she developed encouraging them to become better leaders and realize their potential.

Her passion and purpose come down to believing “We are all born to Create” and she lives this belief every day by creating productive change, digital and organizational transformation and developing teams to drive sustainable results.

Ep. 52 – Is it Possible to Eradicate Childhood Hunger with Stephen Clarke


Most of my podcasts are about personal development – how can someone learn something to include in their lives or walk away with ideas on how they can improve upon their lives.

Today’s guest, Stephen Clarke, is one man on a mission to help stave off hunger for so many children in this country. He and his company, RTG Group, a Global Social Enterprise with a Purpose of making a positive Impact in our world by bringing Purpose & Profit. Stephen and his company are making an impact and creating change by collaborating with organizations to ensure millions of children are fed each day.

His slogan, which he embraces every day, is “LIVE LIFE IN 3D – DREAM. DARE. DO.”

And that is exactly what he is doing and strongly believes — we must have an unwavering belief in ourselves and what we are doing in order to see the fruits of our labors.

Ep. 51 – What If and Go For It with Gina Farrar


When was the last time you thought about tapping into your own creativity? You know it’s there but maybe not in the forefront. Creativity comes in many different forms and today’s guest, Gina Farrar, lets us in on how she inspires others to say “What If” and go for it.

Gina Farrar is a multi-passionate creative individual with many different careers under her belt. She loves working with women to empower them to gain clarity, to shift their mindsets and to rewrite their stories so they can become more of who they are. Adding to this, her greatest passion is inspiring women to tap into their creative spark and just go for it.

Ep. 50 – Craig Siegel Explores Characteristics That Lead to Happiness and Discontent


Craig Siegel is the founder of Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS) and the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best-Selling author of The Reinvention Formula.

Craig went from Wall Street to the Street of purpose and passion, inspiring and helping millions of people worldwide overcome their limiting beliefs and embrace their true authentic self and purpose.

He constantly challenges the notion that taking the easy way out isn’t going to get you to where you might want to go.

Ep. 49 – Are You Familiar with Leadership Related Trauma with Kelly Campbell?


In Kelly’s words: trauma doesn’t need to be physical or severe.  It can be hidden just beneath the surface and affect everything you do.

Kelly Campbell, a Trauma-Informed leadership Coach to emerging and established visionaries, who know they are meant for more yet can’t get out of their own way to reach these successes.

What stops them from aspiring to greater heights?  Kelly lets us in – “THE NEW TLC.” the intersection of Trauma, Leadership and Consciousness.  Kelly believes that once leaders become conscious of their childhood trauma, wounds, and “not good enough” syndromes they can become the leaders they feel they are meant to be.

Kelly is also founder of Consciousness Leaders, the world’s most diverse and equitable speakers’ agency and author of “Heal to Lead, due out on April 16th.

Ep. 48 – Did You Know Optimizing Your Health at the Cellular Level Can Be Key to Feeling Better with Dr. Tyler Panzner


How much do you know about your genetic makeup and how your health at a cellular level impacts your overall wellbeing?

Meet Dr. Tyler Panzner, a PHD scientist trained in pharmacology, cancer, neuroscience and inflammation research. Tyler has a passion for holistic genetic health optimization, and works with individuals to use their own genetic data to identify the root causes of illness.

Dr. Panzner believes that everyone’s specific underlying genetic makeup dictates what their body needs to THRIVE.

Ep. 47 – Learn How to Deal with Unexpected Changes in 2024 with Terry Yoffe


Terry Yoffe is the Founder of TRY Coaching, and is a certified executive, career, business and communications coach for over 20 years. Terry helps her clients remove the obstacles that keep them from achieving their desired successes by working with them to meet their challenges head on, pushing them to their limits so that they can uncover the barriers that keep them from optimizing their talents and strengths.

Terry also believes in being able to create change in life and in making a difference and an impact. Out of this passion and purpose she created her podcast Extraordinary Work: Conversations about Creating Change And, going into her 3rd year she is in the top 2.5% global ranking of all podcasts as per Listen Notes. Terry takes pride in the guests that she has on her show to ensure that the conversations are straight forward, interesting and inspirational and that each of her clients has created change in their corner of the world.

Terry also has a TV show called Coaches Creating Change with coach Laurie Lawson and each month they talk about topics that inspire — change, expansion, and growth.

Ep. 45 – An Extraordinary Life: Are You Fulfilling Your Potential with Michelle Rios


Do you have a secret that you never shared with anyone? How did it feel to harbor that secret so that no one ever noticed that you were hiding something?

Meet Jill Riddell, a young woman who grew up actually being a “secret,” and with this secret came her loneliness and disconnection from the world around her.

Jill’s personal journey has inspired her mission to help others to overcome even the toughest challenges with resilience, grit and having a supportive community by creating her podcast, LIFE WITHOUT SECRETS, where she helps others to share their “tucked away secrets” and “tucked away feelings” that have been holding them back and by doing so, rip the band aid off these scars.

Ep. 45 – An Extraordinary Life: Are You Fulfilling Your Potential with Michelle Rios


Please note that the format of this podcast is different. I asked very few questions because of the intense nature of the discussion.

Meet Michelle Rios, born to teen parents, she thought she had to be the trail blazer in her family for becoming a success, which led her to pushing through at all costs.

At age 26, Michelle’s world came crashing down and, in that moment, she realized her life moving forward had to be about HER AND HER NEEDS and not about others.

Michelle is now a motivational speaker, coach and host of the Live Your Extraordinary Life podcast. Built on the premise that life is meant to be joyful, meaningful and extraordinary.

Ep. 44 – Can the Legal Industry Change with Carl Shawn Watkins


There’s always one person in the crowd who’s not afraid to stand up and say NO/WAIT A MINUTE to the norm.

That person is Carl Shawn Watkins, lawyer extraordinaire who calls himself – Mr. Vulnerability.

Carl is speaking up and out in the legal industry. His mission, passion and purpose is to create a new breed of lawyers that believe true leadership is not found in the absence of vulnerability but in the courage to embrace it.

Have a listen and see why he believes: Everything you want is right on the other side of Vulnerability.

Ep. 43 – Can Books Change Your Life with Nick Hutchison


Nick Hutchison believes books, from self-help to fiction to non-fiction, change lives and goes even further to say “that the right book at the right time can change your life forever.”

How many agree with Nick’s philosophy?

Because of his strong dedication, this young visionary was the force behind BookThinkers, a media and PR company dedicated to bringing authors and readers together.

Each week Nick interviews authors, and his audience of over 1,000,000 readers have the opportunity to listen and decide for themselves which books they might want to read. And, each day he posts a book review.

Ep. 42 – Is Your Story Your Superpower with Mitzi Campbell


The one person you can always count on is yourself, RIGHT?

My next guest, Mitzi Campbell, a former university professor with a Masters in psychology, is now a personal development and educational entrepreneur and the host of the Podcast Blessons.

Mitzi, a strong proponent of the positive power of your past, believes that our life stories and past experiences hold the keys to our future successes.

Ep. 41 – Did You Know Your Nervous System is an Underutilized Leadership Tool with Carolyn Swora


Carolyn Swora, trauma-informed leadership consultant, coach and author of Evolve: The Path to Trauma-Informed Leadership shares with us how workplace trauma affects everyone.

Trauma is stored in our body and impacts everything we do, think say or believe. Carolyn talks with us about how she is creating change in the business world by working with leaders to help them understand and uncover their behavioral patterns so they can become more human centered leaders.

Ep. 40 – Why You Don’t Need a College Degree with Ken Rusk


How can a ditch digger, construction worker, and someone who never went to college become a world-renowned best-selling author of Blue-Collar Cash? He is an entrepreneur with multiple business and revenue streams and is creating change by mentoring and coaching hundreds of young people in areas such as goal-setting.

Ken Rusk, believes that no degree is needed to achieve comfort, peace and freedom and anyone can achieve their dreams regardless of their educational background if they know how to set goals and make plans.

Ep. 39 – Improve Your Success by Aligning Your Actions With Your Goals with Shawn French


No matter what profession you are in, incorporating high performance habits like self-motivation and personal growth applies to all of us.

Shawn French, author, keynote speaker, and host of The Determined Society Podcast, shares how he has shifted his focus from helping individuals in the business world achieve success through personal development and self-motivation to working with young athletes.

Following his passion for sports, Shawn believes that empowering these young athletes to overcome challenges and obstacles can create the changes needed for them to achieve peak performance success.

Ep. 38 – One GEN Zer’s Guide to Conquering the Business World with Andy Mai


Andy Mai, a 24 year old GEN Zer that started from nothing and built a 7-figure business by age 23.

Andy talks to us about how he is teaching people who want to have more free time, own their own business, be passionate about something to build 6-figure online ecommerce businesses

From scratch and he has changed the lives of nearly 50+ people globally.

“Wisdom and kindness. Terry is a professional. Her podcasts are well prepared, informative, and insightful. Added to my podcast oration. Personally, I find her to be a gem.”

Siegeled (Apple Podcast listener)

Ep. 37 – Listen to One GEN Zer’s Approach to Shaping the Future with Brielle Wohlenhaus


My guest is Brielle Wohlenhaus, who at 22 years old, is creating change and making a difference by being a voice for her generation, GEN Z.

Brielle talks about how she is empowering young individuals to unlock their full potential by making wise decisions, rising above peer pressure, creating goals and forging through obstacles.

Ep. 36 – Overcoming Life’s Challenges on Your Own Terms with McKenna Reitz


What would life be like if you woke up one day and found out that you were diagnosed with Alopecia and within a very short time you lost all the hair on your body?

This is Mckenna Reitz’s story and how she decided not to allow her Alopecia to define her and instead decided to define it.

McKenna turned her diagnosis into a gift of vulnerability and courage and shows how we all can reframe life’s challenges into opportunities and not allow fear to hold us back.

Ep. 35 – Why Abuse and Addiction Don’t Have to Define You with Guest Kelly Siegel


We all have or had some level of pain and hurt in our lives, right??

We can’t avoid pain or hurt; however, we can control how we deal with it and how quickly we get back up, learn and move forward – a better person than before.

Kelly Siegel knows all about pain and hurt, as he describes in his bestselling book and memoir, Harder Than Life and today Kelly is taking us on his personal journey from poverty, addiction and violence to creating the exceptional life he has created.

Kelly is creating change and making a difference by helping coach others to sobriety, and by making donations to several important charities — as his passion and mission are all about giving back.

Ep. 34 – Supporting and Uplifting Women with Samantha Tradelius


In episode #34, Samantha Tradelius, a successful commercial property insurance broker, talks to us about her mission and passion in life, which is to support and uplift women with her Sparkle Foundation and its resource arm, Sparkle Biz.

Samantha is all about providing financial aid for enrichment programs and microloans for female-owned businesses and why celebrating women and making a difference every day is living her life on purpose and fulfillment.

Ep. 33 – Cultivating and Fostering a Safe and Positive Workplace with Sejal Thakkar


Have you ever felt excluded both personally and professionally?

I am sure most of us have faced this uncomfortable feeling, whether as children or as adults. We all want to belong where we can thrive, feel confident with peers and know that we are part of the bigger picture.

In her latest TEDx talk, Sejal Thakkar, former employment law attorney, 2X TEDx speaker, and the Founder and Chief Civility Officer at TrainXtra, a woman/minority-owned training and consulting firm, enlightens us as to how she helps leaders create positive, safe and respectful workplaces through training and coaching. Sejal believes that if this philosophy exists, leaders can create a culture of safety and belonging and businesses can thrive and flourish.

Ep. 32 – How to Stay Inspired and Follow Your Passion with Aaron Wexler


Aaron Wexler, athlete, coach and author of the bestselling book, “The Inspired Athlete,” believes that lessons learned in sports can help us develop other areas of our lives including creativity, business and relationships. He talks with us about tapping into the concept of becoming the inspired athlete, a metaphor for becoming the best version of ourselves.

Ep. 31 – Start Living the Life You Want with Craig Siegel


Do you believe that you can rewrite your story – reinvent yourself and become more than you ever thought?

Whatever your answer: Craig Siegel, Founder of Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS), lets us in on his journey from Wall Street to the Street of Purpose and Passion and how he reinvented himself by realizing he wanted to help people reach their full potential. He is creating change for millions of people worldwide.

His Secret: removing limiting beliefs and assumptions and revamping your mindset.

Ep. 30 – It’s Not Just Money, It’s Your Life with Beth Blecker


Are your investments designed for the life you want to live?

Beth Blecker, Financial Life Planning, CEO of Eastern Planning and Author – believes it’s not just money, it’s life. And her goal is to help clients, depending on their needs and challenges, plan with confidence so they can enjoy their lives and be worry free.

Ep. 29 – Designing Your Relationship with Change with Rick Tamlyn


We all long for change in some area of our lives and one element to making those changes is — developing a relationship with CHANGE itself.

We have relationships with people and things that we design — why not consider designing a relationship with CHANGE?

Rick Tamlyn, bestselling author of Play Your Bigger Game, shares his insights on how we can develop and design that relationship with change as it definitely opens the door for changes to occur.

Paul lets us in on how you can get back on track with 3 things you can do today that are simple, easy, and manageable.

Ep. 28 – Discipline and Consistency for Your Fitness Goals with Paul Hanton


Feeling off track with your New Year’s resolutions of working out and “hitting the gym”?

Paul Hanton is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and owner of Hydra Fitness.

Paul lets us in on how you can get back on track with 3 things you can do today that are simple, easy, and manageable.

Ep. 27 – Want to Start a Healthy Relationship with Food? With Philip Pape


Does your relationship with food mirror a love/hate relationship with a loved one?

Food occupies a good part of our daily thinking, especially at the beginning of a New Year, keeping us from becoming that better version of ourselves.

Philip Pape, Certified Nutrition Coach and Body Composition Expert believes it is possible to maintain a healthy relationship with food while still enjoying your lifestyle and the foods you enjoy through self-mastery and creating strategies.

Ep. 26 – Navigating YOUR Work/Life Balance with Jacklyn Osborne


Was finding enough time for yourself this past year a struggle and as hard as you tried, it just didn’t happen?

If the answer is a resounding YES, Jacklyn Osborne, podcast host of “52 Weeks of Me” takes us on her journey as a full time executive and mother of 3, desperately struggling with work/life balance and realizing you can have it all – BUT you just can’t do it all – at the same time. And how she had to shift her mindset from an overworked perfectionist to a “go with the flow” person.

Ep. 25 – Empowering Yourself with Confidence with Christina Flach


Christina Flach, celebrity makeup artist and Founder and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup, talks about how she is helping to create change with millions of women that she empowers to be the best versions of themselves by giving them the courage and confidence to embrace their inner selves through fashion, makeup, health and positivity.

Ep. 24 – Become a Better You in 2023 with Terry Yoffe


Terry Yoffe poses the question: 2023 How Can You Create a Better Version of You?

Over the next few months, Terry will be talking about how you can shift your mindset and become that better version of yourself as she has conversations with experts that will offer up answers to this question.

Ep. 23 – Indian Jewish Woman Overcomes Antisemitism / Racism with Rachel Beck


Rachel Beck, Author, Speaker, Influencer and Woman Extraordinaire takes us on her compelling journey from Indian orphan to being adopted by a Jewish family in America and having to navigate finding her own way when life’s challenges and upsets change direction and she finds herself zigging instead of zagging to survive.

Ep. 22 – We’re Only Disabled If We Want to Be with Michelle Kuei


Michelle Kuei, International Speaker, coach and author talks about being permanently disabled in a car accident at age 11 and how her life’s transformational journey helped her become the champion that empowers new, entrepreneurial women coaches to get to the top of their mountain, one courageous step at a time.

Ep. 21 – What’s NEXT for Women with Abby Auerbach


Abby Auerbach is the Executive VP and Chief Communications Officer at TVB, a trade association representing the Local Broadcast Television industry. Early in her career, Abby learned how to navigate the mostly male business landscape and has proven that women can become strong advocates for themselves. In 2020, she founded TVB’s NEXT Women program that identifies, prepares and advocates for women in this industry as they aspire to leadership roles.

Ep. 20 – Tapping into Your Inner Child with Ken Mossman


Calling all Men (And Women) — Ken Mossman, Founder of Cirrus Coaching and Leadership, talks with us about how high achieving men/women who have done everything “right” — right schools, right jobs, right family (in other words, followed their “male/female” scripts) — yet never found the happiness that was promised to them.

Ep. 19 – Addication, Trauma and Mental Health with Janique Svedberg


With 75% of all mental health illnesses beginning between the ages of 11-14, Janique Svedberg, President of the International Recovery Specialists Institute, Recovery Coach and Trauma Informed Mental Health and Addiction specialist talks to us about her success in helping to create change in those struggling with substance and alcohol use in both adults and children.

Ep. 18 – Visualeadership: Leveraging the Power of Visual Thinking with Todd Cherches


Todd Cherches, CEO and co-founder of BigBlueGumball and author of the groundbreaking book VisuaLeadership: Leveraging the Power of Visual Thinking in Leadership, believes the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” still applies and we can forever change the way we think and communicate by leveraging the power of visual imagery, metaphors and storytelling that can take your game to a whole new level.

Ep. 17 – From Tragedy to Commitment in Heightening Awareness about Ovarian Cancer – Paulinda Babbini’s Journey


Paulinda Babbini, President/ Founder of the nonprofit, The Ovarian Cancer Circle, inspired by her daughter, Robin Babbini who lost her battle to Ovarian Cancer at 20 – talks about loss, and how honoring her memory and shining a light on her legacy, she found purpose, passion and commitment in heightening awareness about Ovarian Cancer.

“I have a reputation for authenticity as a career transition coach – providing empathetic and caring, yet no-nonsense, career coaching services to my clients.”