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Video Testimonial by Amy Wilkins

Watch the full video on how Terry Yoffe, Executive Coach, helped Amy to thrive in her career and life. Terry worked with Amy to guide her to become her best self in her personal and business life. Watch Amy’s story and how selecting Terry as an executive coach changed her life.

“As my executive and business coach, Terry worked with me as I transitioned careers. After having an already successful career, I wanted to challenge myself in other areas. With every discussion, Terry challenged me to be honest with myself in determining what was most important to me in my new role.

Once in the role, I asked Terry to stay on as my executive coach in order to tackle larger challenges on the horizon. As those challenges arose, she helped me game plan various approaches and strategically guided me to proactively prepare for the potential outcomes. Her vast experiences provided much needed beneficial context.

Through our coaching, Terry has helped me become a better professional.”

– Steve, VP Sales, New York

“Terry was influential in the practices I have implemented in both my life and business. By working through many factors, and with the encouraged guidance of her coaching, it wasn’t until then that I came to the epiphany that the “pink elephant in the room” was my own self. For that, I am forever grateful for her wisdom, patience, comforting nature, and most of all her professional coaching expertise, which have guided me in taking the required actions to discover betterment on my life journey.”

– Michael, Designer/Entrepreneur, New York

“Terry was great to work with. Her goal focused approach provides great insight & valuable guidance. Her method is thoughtful yet easy to implement. I highly recommend TRY coaching.”

– Rebecca, Entrepreneur, New York

“Terry is an exceptional executive coach and human being. I hired Terry as a communication skills coach, but the experience has taught me so much more. I ended my sessions with a heightened awareness that many of the challenges I was experiencing with respect to public speaking and many other aspects of my life were self-imposed and fear based. Terry helped me tap into and lead with my inner strengths. She helped me gain the confidence to be my true authentic self always, both in the workplace and outside. The results from this experience are tangible. Over time I have become a better, more authentic public speaker, which has opened the door for more opportunities for advancement.”

– Jillian, Lawyer, New York

“I started working with Terry in an effort to re-focus my career path. She helped me identify and articulate my tangible and intangible skills, and to develop a narrative framing my experience and positioning myself as an asset to potential employers. Terry instilled confidence and consistently helped redirect my natural tendency towards negativity. Terry is an engaged and empathetic coach who will be your advocate and guide you as you explore your values, skills and goals.”

– Janice, Marketing & Branding Executive, New York

“Terry is a highly empathetic coach. She helped me to investigate and explore my professional ambitions and the behaviors I was exhibiting that hindered my progress. Terry expects a lot, but also gives a lot in return. I would recommend Terry to anyone looking to explore their career growth from the inside out.”

– Robert, Finance, New York

“I reached out to Terry to work on my public speaking skills. What I got instead was a partner that helped me develop a better sense of who I am, how I show up and the areas of my life, both personally and professionally, that posed the best opportunities for growth. Her feedback and no nonsense approach to our coaching, helped me stay focused and invested in the process of discovering my strengths and working on the areas where I could grow.”

– Jaime, Nonprofit Executive, New York

“Coaching was the next step in my professional development. Terry provided what books didn’t – dialogue and feedback that were both constructive and encouraging. Small improvements that amounted to big changes – from presentations to impromptu conversations and how to read an audience – Terry was able to help me identify triggers so that I could see them and then know what to avoid. She’s a powerful advocate and often the voice of reason in my head. If you’re interested in making personal and professional improvements and are looking for a coaching experience, I encourage you to work with Terry.”

– Randi, Sr. Manager, Marketing, New Jersey

“Terry guided me to truly step up into a promoted role during our coaching engagement. She helped me define my own values and leadership style, and then to question my professional behavior and reactions under pressure to ensure that I remained true to them. Terry helped me uncover truths about my career that were holding me back, and encouraged and supported my journey toward finding inner confidence. She is direct, unafraid of confronting tough issues and perceptions while letting me drive the agenda during each session. And the results of our coaching began showing up immediately.”

– Nick, Brand Marketing, New York

“I did two training engagements with Terry and she was phenomenal. Her incisive diagnostic approach helped me get to the root cause of some of the challenges I faced and her strategies allowed me to stabilize my position in one role and pivot to another which is more high-profile. Terry is most definitely the real deal.”

– Abby, Practice Leader, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Client Engagement, New York

“Terry was a wonderful guiding force during a very transitional time in my professional and personal life. Her empathetic and conversational approach to coaching allowed me to grow and develop in an organic way that felt both natural and monumental at the same time. The personal revelations and professional outlook Terry helped me develop during our coaching will help guide the next exciting phase of my career. I cannot say enough about Terry’s wisdom and coaching style, thank you Terry!”

– Cara, Digital Marketing, Georgia

“Terry guided me through a period when I left corporate America and initiated my own consulting practice again in an effort to re-find my passion. Since I am passionate about many things, I was challenged in deciding which would be the next road to take. My choices were consulting or finding a position I really could contribute within corporate America. Terry helped me navigate my choices, clear the clutter and gain a better understanding of my passion drivers. She reminded me of my values and helped me understand how they were interlaced with my passion points to contribute to building a better world by leading others via my corporate position. Her human connection made the unveiling of my path much easier and opened my eyes to new horizons. Forever grateful!”

– Carla, Chief Marketing Officer, Texas

“When I began working with Terry I was in a good place with my career and employer. As fate would have it, unforeseen challenges arose and I am very fortunate to have had Terry help me through that difficult time. She is extremely professional yet her personal approach to coaching made me feel at ease enough to open up about some of my deepest concerns. She is excellent at her craft and challenged me to take a more introspective look into areas of my mind and past that weren’t always comfortable but did help me grow. Thanks Terry for your patience, guidance, and encouragement as well as for the reminders that I should always keep my focus on the bigger picture of following my dream, of owning my own business. Today, and with Terry’s help, my dream has been realized and I can’t help but wonder how my situation might be different had we never met.”

– Clint, Entrepreneur, New Jersey

“When I accepted a job that was not a particularly strong cultural fit and not prepared to give up and move on so quickly, Terry helped me through this experience with the goal of using this time as an opportunity to develop a specific set of leadership skills that were going to be necessary no matter where I worked. In working with Terry, I realized I had accepted a role that did not align with my core values and once I became crystal clear as to what these core values were, it was easy to start to figure out where I wanted to go with my professional career. Terry also challenged me to confront the stories I was telling myself that were holding me back from being the leader I wanted to be. In seeing the stories I made up and making the changes, I saw an immediate impact and I’ve reaped the benefits by becoming more influential and a much stronger leader across the organization.”

– Karen, VP Sales, New York

“During the time I worked with Terry, we uncovered and repaired behavior patterns that were not only hindering my professional growth, but were the root cause of many conflicts showing up in my personal and professional relationships. She provided a safe place for our exploration of my fears, stresses and insecurities. At times, her ability to navigate through my internal dialogue and help me face these fears, brought me to tears. Terry is tough and will hold you accountable, and she is also incredibly warm and made it easy for me to speak openly and honestly. I couldn’t have launched my new business without her guidance.”

– Maggie, Health Coach, New York

“Working regularly with Terry gave me a critical opportunity to pause and reflect amidst the cycle of corporate chaos. Her bold probing questions helped identify my best opportunities for growth, and inspired urgent action that unfailingly added to my immediate to-do list. Especially as I adjusted to a new company and role, Terry encouraged me to tug at the roots of my challenges and reap the benefits of long-term personal change.”

– Edward, SVP Global Sales, New York

“My coaching time with Terry really got me to a better place in my life. Terry is lovingly fierce. I really felt that she cared deeply for me and at the same time pushed me when I needed to be pushed. She was right beside me and brought out the bigger person I really wanted and will be! Thanks Terry!”

– Pam, Life Coach, Wilmette, Illinois

“Although quite happy with the way my life was going, I still had a few goals that I had yet to achieve. Terry helped me identify the obstacles that were preventing me from taking action, and in a short time, I was on my way to optimizing my life.”

– Arlene, Business Consultant, New York

“When I began my coaching partnership with Terry, I hoped she would help me adopt successful leadership strategies. What Terry truly helped me discover, identify and utilize were my inner capacity for leadership. With Terry’s honest, insightful, challenging and often humorous way of working, she helped me clarify and have confidence in the fact that I carry my ‘toolbox’ within. Strategies, procedures and practices change, but knowing how to work from your personal base of strength is invaluable and lasting. Terry didn’t just help me find what I asked for, she partnered with me to find what I needed to lead effectively.”

– Karen, Nonprofit Executive Director, California

“Thanks for your help and guidance. It has changed me forever!”

– Jan, Entrepreneur, Massachusetts

I first reached out to Terry when I was dealing with a lack of career direction and confidence in my abilities as part of being laid-off from a job. A couple of family members had been coached by Terry and had highly recommended her to me several times. As they say… when the student is ready the teacher appears. This is how I feel about the impact that Terry has had on my career and life. Terry and I worked together for four years and she saw me through several job changes until I now have finally found the perfect role and company for me. Terry has many years working in the business world, including owning her own business. She always got where I was coming from immediately and was able to provide useful advice from her own experiences. Although I initially came to Terry solely for career related coaching I soon found myself working and developing other areas of my life. Terry’s coaching was valuable as I navigated life changes such as buying a new home, relationship/communication issues, and several areas for self-improvement. Terry is smart, funny, and not judgmental so it is easy to open up to her. The most remarkable thing to me about Terry is her intuition and insight. She immediately cuts away from the “story” and can get to the heart of a matter and quickly diagnose what is going on. Terry celebrates your accomplishments, and is very supportive when you are going through great change or difficult times. Terry often suggests resources (books, articles) or networking contacts whom she feels may be of use to her clients. She makes you feel like you have a partner in whatever you are working on, and keeps you on track to make progress and meet your goals. My coaching sessions with her have been enlightening and life changing, sometimes entirely surprising, but always incredibly valuable. If you are ready to change your life in big or small ways I would definitely recommend speaking with Terry and finding out how she can help you!

– Melissa, HR Manager, Suffern, New York

“Terry helped me realize the importance of recognizing my own needs and taking care of myself. This is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Making sure to meet my own needs has improved my strength, flexibility, creativity and effectiveness in all areas of my life.”

– Tara, Writer, New Jersey

“I started working with Terry as I was transitioning to a new, more challenging job. Terry worked with me on my self-confidence and ability to see things in a more positive light when I felt unsure about the challenges facing me. As a result of our work together, I was able to deal with my new situation with less stress and gain the solid ground needed to be more effective in my new role.”

– Nichole, Marketing Executive, New York

“Terry has done wonders for my career and my person. She has helped me to see my journey, build on my strengths and to reach for higher heights, personally and professionally. It was always inside me to be great Executive Director of a non profit and now a newly elected School Board Director in my city. Terry took me from the cross roads of uncertainty to a determined path, my own self-determined path to improvement. I was ready to learn, open to listening and ready to put the parts of me that were not making sense into the puzzle that makes me who I am and who I was always meant to be. I could not have made this journey without Terry, or perhaps I could have…on my last breath of life! I am proud of my accomplishments and that my perspective in my life career is to be an advocate in education and a proud and hopeful Latina in the 21st century.

Who would have guessed that in 2008, my name would have been on the same ballot as that of our new President, Barack Obama! It was huge to run, to win big and be the top vote getter. I did this because Terry made sure I was ready for the call and to step up. We started early and every day when I talked to her I felt myself getting closer to not only the possibility, but truly believing and knowing that I would win and would win big, and I did.

Terry has an edge that may tell you to run the opposite way – honestly, this edge brought me to a realization that the things I didn’t want to hear, know or be challenged by – were the same things I was running from and keeping me down. Terry’s edge made me stronger, more confident and positive. We are different in culture, language and upbringing and I thought I would have to explain myself – I learned that I could hold onto my values and passions in advocacy and make them the point from where I grow from – they are not compromised nor do my values hold me back any longer. Terry helped me make this transformation and I am forever grateful to her wisdom, push and the opportunity to work with her-for my benefit. It has been a special journey that I treasure for many years to come. I invite you to invite Terry into your life as your coach…you’ll enjoy the ride, I promise.”

– Beatriz, Executive Director, California

“With Terry as my coach, I have made incredibly positive changes. Terry has been there to challenge and support me in getting clear about what I want, how I have been holding myself back and how to create the results I desire. Terry’s skill in guiding me to address both personal and professional issues on every level—physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual—has created powerful and lasting change in my life. I am grateful for Terry’s skill, insight, compassion, intuition, and business savvy. Thanks to her, I am creating a life that I love.”

– Sally, Public Relations Consultant, Arizona

“Before working with Terry, I was going through a very stressful time in which several conflicts and challenges were occurring simultaneously, consuming my thoughts and interfering with my ability to think clearly to a resolution. As a result of working with Terry, I gained clarity and insight into the issues so I could resolve them, thereby gaining control of the situation rather than letting the situation control me.”

– Chuck, IT Manager, New York

“The best way I can describe Terry is yoga for the mind. She guides you, pushes you and encourages you to stretch, reach and widen your lens on yourself and your world. When you coach with Terry, she helps you realize how flexible you can be by looking at life from different perspectives. My personal and professional outlooks are now richer and fuller than they have ever been.”

– Gina, Marketer, New York

“Terry came along at a time when I was having trouble figuring out which direction to take in my professional life. Using her intuitive skills as both a listener and advisor, she helped me prioritize what I needed to do to get on the right path. Now I am more confident in my own talents and abilities, and have recently begun a new career that is extremely fulfilling and rewarding on all fronts.”

– Adrienne, Media Executive, New York

“Living as an Irish person in Germany, brings many daily cross cultural challenges both work and in play. Terry skillfully coached me to ‘re-connect my mind, heart and belly’ by guiding me to identify and trust my talents. This helped me regain my own visions and boundaries and helped me to communicate better, execute consequent choices and build better relationships.”

– Ann, Managing Director, Germany

“I started working with Terry in December ’08 and was skeptical about the concept that someone could coach me into diving into my problems, resolving them and somehow sort my life out. After several sessions I began to feel a connection with Terry and during the course of our coaching relationship we were able to build a bond where she helped me each step of the way to look at my life from different perspectives; and to see how much of my past was still driving everything I do today. The end result was that I was able to call forth these problems, confront them and move on. My life has changed dramatically, both professionally and personally, and this I attribute to Terry’s skill as a coach. I highly recommend her to anyone who feels that they need help and as I mentioned, I was skeptical but if you are willing to take a step and commit to Terry’s plan then it does work.”

– Scott, IT Consultant, Germany

“Before working with Terry, I had no experience with a professional coach, and I didn’t know if it would help me. Terry’s coaching far exceeded my expectations. She is direct, passionate and knows how to move you to where you want to go. I went from wondering if I should have a coach to anxiously awaiting each session. Through Terry’s coaching, I have made clear goals and have implemented changes in my everyday life.”

– David, Executive Director, California

“I needed help structuring my career search more effectively and efficiently as I shifted gears to reinvent myself in an unfamiliar industry. With Terry’s guidance, we developed a plan, and I was able to move forward with greater self-confidence. We worked on sharpening my communication skills to reach decision-makers in the companies that I was targeting. As a result of my work with Terry, I achieved my goal by getting my first client.”

– Dolores, Sales and Marketing Consultant, New York

“With Terry’s guidance, I developed belief in my own true worth and have stepped beyond old habits, beyond the horizon of what was familiar, to discover a more satisfying and joyful way of living. Terry has led me down a path to discover that I can be all that I want to be for myself, without going beyond my comfort level to accommodate others. Terry is easy to warm up to, easy to trust. Her devotion and enthusiasm for my growth gave me the courage to face my gremlins… She was there for me all the way.”

– Arlette, Entrepreneur, New York

“Terry helped me make more meaningful personal and professional choices and prepare to ‘be the change I want in the world.’ She pushed me to explore patterns and thinking that were holding me back, as well as those that propel me forward, always celebrating my accomplishments along the way. Terry called forth my stronger, more confident, focused self. I highly recommend Terry as a coach to everyone—no matter how ‘successful’—who is ready for change and truly seeks to reach full potential.”

– Bjorg, International Development Consultant, Belgium

“Terry helped me better understand how to align my strengths with my objectives in ways that minimized, if not eliminated entirely, what I had perceived as obstacles. She’s flexible and highly intuitive, so she draws on the tools and approaches that are most effective and enlightening for you personally. I’m confident that the benefits of working with Terry will be truly long lasting.”

– June, Marketing Executive, New York

“Terry helped me navigate my job search during a very stressful time in my life. She encouraged me to look at my skills, strengths and accomplishments and to develop a plan to showcase these talents when networking and contacting companies. I found Terry to be very patient. Her ability to listen and hear my concerns and frustrations helped me to build my confidence and trust to move forward with the tasks at hand.”

– Eduardo, Product Control Manager, New York

“Working with Terry is an experience I will always value. In an efficient, intuitive, and skillful way her coaching gave me the impetus to make changes in my life that were vital and important. Moving beyond my comfort zone personally and professionally no longer seems like a challenge, but an opportunity to have a rich full experience that I deserve. For the first time I am creating my life as I envision it.”

– Donna, Public Relations Executive, New York

“I was missing a direction in life which made me feel very frustrated and helpless as I didn’t know what I wanted.. One of the main goals of the coaching was building my self-confidence which I thought was an impossible task. Terry helped me see myself from a different perspective and shortly I could see my future in a clear light with a very strong sense of direction. She helped me get rid of some obstacles that I had created for myself by not trusting myself and not listening to myself. Terry is a true professional with an amazing intuition for bringing the best out of you. Our sessions were always fun which left me smiling for a long time after as I was feeling so good.”

– Tuula, Operations Manager, New York

“I sought out the services of Terry during an extremely difficult period of professional and personal instability. Terry enabled me to move from repeating self destructive patterns to a place where I value my priorities and trust and hold myself accountable and have a greater sense of self. Through her compassionate, yet firm, style, Terry opened my eyes to the choices always available to me by having me stand calmly in different perspectives and encouraged me to take risks to get what I truly want from every area of my life. The coaching process has given me the tools to identify what has been holding me back and to step forth courageously into new experiences.”

– Marcia, Operations Director, New York

“My work with Terry continues to be utterly worthwhile and completely transformational. She is a partner, ally, mother, friend, high-school football coach, cheerleader, drill sergeant, motivator, teddy bear, warm blanket, port in the storm, spiritual guide, sounding board, business advisor, strategist, co-conspirator and overall huge asset to my life and happiness. She has helped right me on my life’s course, steered me back onto the path of my soul’s authentic journey, and shoved me (gently but firmly) forward towards my destiny.”

– John, Entrepreneur, New York

“I’ve had an interesting and fabulous learning experience working with Terry. She is both a friend, a teacher and sometimes the key to my inner voices. She has given me the ability to say out loud that I really like who I am today and realize that the future holds endless and wonderful possibilities. She’s given me the tools to be honest with myself and strategies to get out of my own way. These tools are helping me today and I know will be invaluable in the future.”

– Dawn, VP Innovation, New York

“As part of a classically workaholic profession, I sought guidance from Terry on how to make room for all the parts of my life, in order to live better and even work better. She is a great listener, and her insights have been of tremendous help to me.”

– Stuart, Attorney, New York

“Terry really helped me to look at the one thing that was holding me back from being successful… me! Once my eyes were opened to how I undervalued my expertise, chose controlling partners, etc., I was soon ready for the next level. My life has been turned upside down – for the better – and my personal and professional life are more amazing with each new day!”

– Kelly, Creative Director, New York

“When I started my coaching with Terry I was very anxious and confused. I was looking for a way to tame my anxiety and to clearly see what was next in my career… I ended up going into a more personal level to understand the reasons for my anxiety and better control myself and my emotions. It has not only helped me improve my relationships but I was also able to better manage my career. I would recommend her to anyone.”

– Fernanda, Entrepreneur, New York

“When I first contemplated talking to a career coach, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had spoken to people in the same boat trying to find their niche. What could someone else tell me? After speaking with Terry I knew that she would have a tremendous impact on me. I was able to connect with my core values and that helped me pinpoint exactly what it is I was put on this planet to do. With her help I have been able to identify what I should be doing with my life. Terry also helped me build my confidence and cope with additional obstacles that occurred throughout our coaching.”

– David, Fitness Professional, New York

“I hired Terry during a time in my life when my career and personal life was in need of reevaluation and major change. I knew I needed change but didn’t know where or how to begin. Terry’s methods of self awareness helped me to dig deep, and realize it was me who was the cause of my blockages and it was me who had the power to change! I will forever be grateful for her honest and heartfelt style of coaching! “

– Ramona, Sales Rep, New York

“In the beginning I was skeptical about telephone coaching in general. The results showed me that one should overcome his prejudgments. My personal coaching helped me significantly in finding the cause of my behavior patterns. Coaching helped me make a choice on how to behave, instead of just having one behavior response. I can highly recommend Terry’s services.”

– Earl, Business Development Director, Germany

“Terry has helped me, with her patient but firm guidance, to transform my life. Over the last ten months I’ve gained in confidence, I’ve focused on my goals, I’ve an energy for life which wasn’t there before. Terry is a warm and understanding person, she is very easy to work with and I am truly glad that our paths crossed. My advice to you is “just do it”. I can guarantee it will be worth it! Terry encapsulates all that is good and positive in your life and brings it to fruition,and she helps isolate the negative so you can deal with it and then leave it behind.”

– Tanya, Entrepreneur, Ireland

“Terry has been invaluable in helping me take control and change my life. Through her skill and guidance I discovered a whole different person in me, the type of person I had always wanted to be. Some of her insights were really shocking, but rung true. If you have never had someone pick apart your assumptions and challenge your automatic behaviours, it is difficult but immensely rewarding. After talking to Terry I would wonder how I had managed my life so far without knowing these truths about myself. There were little eureka moments when I realised that I had been running the same pattern in my head for years and that once I noticed it, I could change it.

Terry was great at keeping me focused on dealing with the things I had permanently avoided thinking about because they worried me too much, which were exactly the things that need to be tackled. I would always end our coaching sessions with much more energy and focus than I started with. You don’t sit back and watch TV after talking to Terry! You get down to dealing with the most important issues in your life, the ones you never feel you have the energy for because they are too big.
I highly recommend working with Terry. She has helped me produce such noticable differences in myself that everyone seems to have noticed. Having Terry introduce me to myself has been the most awakening experience of my life. I wish I had met her many years ago.”

– Charles, Software Engineer, Finland

“When I first started working with Terry, I wasn’t sure what to expect but went in with an open mind and willingness to make a change. Terry was very encouraging and supportive throughout the entire process. She is not afraid to ask the tough questions and dig a little deeper to get to the heart of the matter. Once the core areas are identified, she helps you to come up with an action plan and will be your biggest cheerleader during each completed goal and accomplishment.”

– Jill, Sales and Marketing, New York

“Terry is uncompromising, honest, uncomfortable and effective. No pain no gain. For years I was happy in my comfort zone, keeping myself busy and ignoring the real issue that was bothering me. Terry cuts through the “stories” and forces the issue into your reality. Her coaching sessions have you squirming in your skin and her home work is not a pleasant experience. She helped bring me forward. The heavy lifting is still on my side but I have no more excuses or avoidance strategies. I can highly recommend Terry.”

– David, IT Entrepreneur, Germany

“The decision to work with Terry has been one of the best decisions that I could possibly have made for my career. During my time working with Terry, her listening skills and probing questions helped me identify a significant number of walls that had been limiting my long term career success. By helping me become more aware, I was able to take action to eliminate the career limiting factors thus significantly accelerating my career trajectory. Through the entire process, even when the lessons may have been hard to accept, Terry was always there for me and will always be a tremendous career resource. Like many of her other clients, I would strongly encourage others to work with her.”

– Charles, Strategy Consultant, New York

“When I started my coaching sessions with Terry, I was prepared for a journey. What I got was much more. She helped me recognize destructive patterns. She called me out on “stuff” that would prevent me from getting to the real issues and helped me focus and define my goals. I appreciated her commitment to my progress and knew that she took her role seriously. I would recommend Terry to anyone who is ready to take it to the next level.”

– Amy, Publisher, New York

“Terry is a highly experienced and competent coach. Clearly one of the best in her field, she matches genuine empathy with a unique intuition and ability to recognize the key issues holding people back from being their best. Her style is kind and warm, yet pragmatic in sharing accountability with her clients. She brings an international understanding to her coaching work, with clients across the world. This openness and flair for getting the most out of people irrespective of their background, culture or situation has earned my respect and added real value to my personal development.”

– Vivian, Executive Coach, New York

“Terry Yoffe is an excellent coach. I met her at a very challenging time when my business was growing rapidly and I was taking on more than ever. She helped me see the issues clearly, stay focused and plan courses of action that led to successful outcomes. I learned skills I will take with me forever into every challenge and opportunity.”

– Jude, President, New York

“Recently, I have had the pleasure of working with Terry as a Mentor Coach while renewing my ACC accreditation. Her very personal attention and brilliant coaching skills were beneficial in strengthening and advancing my core coaching competencies. She is enjoyable to work with and is dedicated in her time and efforts to move individuals forward in their coaching endeavors. This terrific experience made me a better coach. Thank you , Terry!”

– Nicolas S., New York

“I worked with Terry as a Mentor Coach for my ICF ACC accreditation. Tolerant, generous and wholehearted, Terry taught me techniques in a very figurative way, including the use of powerful metaphors. I will particularly remember the one concerning the Flying Trapeze, where the only way to be successful is to let go of the trapeze bar in order to catch the next one. I love this image because I have to stay focus in the moment, face my internal fears and turn them into positive change and freedom.
It was an enlightening experience of learning and Terry brought awareness to my transformation process. Thank you so much Terry for your spiritual support.
I now enjoy the sensation of getting out of my comfort zone and accept the ”in-between times” of my life as the best. I would strongly recommend Terry for anyone entering the coaching field.”

– Marie-Laure G., New York

Terry has an unbelievable gift. When beginning my journey with her, I was looking for a tool kit to get me to the next step in my career. Instead what I received was a lifelong resource and guide for success. During my time in working with Terry, I felt myself transform and the results have been incredible. Not only have I attained great measured success in my career, but incredible happiness, as well. I consider Terry to be a trusted advisor and would recommend her to anyone.

– Christa, Global Marketing Manager, New York

Working regularly with Terry gave me a critical opportunity to pause and reflect amidst the cycle of corporate chaos. Her bold probing questions helped identify my best opportunities for growth, and inspired urgent action that unfailingly added to my immediate to-do list. Especially as I adjusted to a new company and role, Terry encouraged me to tug at the roots of my challenges and reap the benefits of long-term personal change.

– Edward, SVP Global Sales, New York

Working regularly with Terry gave me a critical opportunity to pause and reflect amidst the cycle of corporate chaos. Her bold probing questions helped identify my best opportunities for growth, and inspired urgent action that unfailingly added to my immediate to-do list. Especially as I adjusted to a new company and role, Terry encouraged me to tug at the roots of my challenges and reap the benefits of long-term personal change.

– Edward, SVP Global Sales, New York

Working with Terry allowed me to explore the barriers to my success and successfully tackle them without fear. I realized that there were certainly things that were holding me back professionally and Terry helped me to identify constructive ways to address them head on. As a result of our work together, I feel more confident advocating for myself and am able to use a lot of the tools from our coaching to navigate challenging professional situations. Terry is thoughtful in her approach and really was a true partner in our work together. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take the next step to advance themselves and their careers.

– Julia, Executive Vice President, OR