COACHES CREATING CHANGE – How do coaches navigate today’s conflicting and divisive times?

Coaches Creating Change, Terry Yoffe, Executive and Business Coach, NYC, and Laurie Lawson, Coach discuss: “How do coaches navigate today’s conflicting and divisive times?” They look at the question: “How do we align our personal core values, ICF’s Core Competencies and the constant challenges of society? An interesting conversation.

Coaches Creating Change – How Are You Demonstrating Trust As a Leader?

Certified Executive Business Coach Terry Yoffe, nyc and Coach Laurie Lawson of Coaches Creating Change are back and tonight’s in depth conversation is about Leadership. The coaches questioned the difference between leadership and management and when do you know which role you are playing? And, the bigger question, as a Leader how can you lead with honesty and trust no matter which position you fill? Terry and Laurie offer up some great tips and advice.

Continue the Journey with Coaches Creating Change – Beginnings

Laurie Lawson, and Executive Coach Terry Yoffe, explore: how to get started; where to go; how to stay on track; and how to Establish the Coaching Agreement to get the most out of your Coaching Experience and Journey.