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What Can You Do to Improve Your Communication Skills at Work?

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TRY Coaching – Power of Masterful Communication

We all use language to communicate daily to get our ideas across and to connect with others. Yet, when it comes to our business partners, colleagues, even loved ones, our communication gets lost in translation or misconstrued. Conversational styles that differ from our own challenge us, and these can become barriers to professional and personal relationships.

Lee Iacocca said: “We can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get anywhere”.
By putting good communication skills into use, you can communicate and influence at every level in your business workplace, from support staff to senior executives.

As a communications coach, I assist and guide clients with communication techniques as well as discovering what might be getting in the way of communicating in effective and masterful ways. Communication skills help clients become fully aware of the power and impact of language and how these skills contribute to their success in life.
Did you know that the most important asset to a company or a client is a person who communicates masterfully and effectively, which translates into having the ability to influence and persuade others?

Here are some basic communication skills to start putting into use immediately:

Express Yourself:
Provide necessary information taking care not to omit important parts of the message.
Be direct, clear and congruent…Content, voice, tone and body language should all say the same thing.

Active Listening;
Active listening means one thing. Hear what people are really saying.
How well we listen has a major impact on our effectiveness in our jobs and in the quality of our relationships with others.
FACT: People only hear 25-50% of what we say and they hear it within the first 2½ to 5 minutes of the communication.

Become Aware of Body Language:
Our body language makes up 50% of the impact of our message. We need to ensure that our nonverbal impression matches what we are saying

Ask Questions:
Asking questions shows that we are listening. This tool allows the listener to glean new information and to get clarity on what is being said.

Focus, Focus, and Focus:
In this digital age, we cannot function without of our cell phones, text messages and emails and without them, we would die an abrupt death.
What we give up in this mobile, high tech age is the ability to focus. Instead distractions constantly keep us from listening to what others are saying and severely limit our ability to focus on details in our life.
Without distractions and multitasking we become more productive and effective.

How would your professional and personal life change if you could successfully master your communication skills?