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What Thoughts Keep You From Feeling Self Confident?

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TRY Coaching – Power of Self Confidence

How often do we tell ourselves stories such as “I’m not good enough to ask for that promotion” or “If I start my own business, I will fail”?

When we believe these assumptions to be true,  they hold us back and shape our realities.  It’s these stories that keep us from reaching our personal and professional goals and dreams.

Sharon Salzberg, writer, says: “Letting go is an inner job, something we can do for ourselves”.

By changing perspectives, we can create a life that is based on truths, not beliefs, assumptions or interpretations.

Letting go of these misperceptions can help build self-confidence. With self-confidence comes self-awareness, which allows us the courage to meet challenges, resolve conflicts and conquer the fears of failing and rejection.  This will lead to success and the ability to face uncertainty from a position of power and strength.

As an Executive Coach, it is my responsibility to help clients become aware of these stories, examine their validity and start to recognize their potential when they replace old stories with new ones that serve them in their life today.

Are you where you want to be today or are these stories holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams?

Questions to Think About:
What stories are you telling yourself?
How are these stories holding you back?
What might be different if you could shift perspectives and change your stories?