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The Power of Choice allows someone to take control of their lives

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Terry R. Yoffe, Executive Coach — TRY Coaching – Power of Choice

George Eliot, writer quotes:   “The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice”

Life is always about choice and what choices we make will predict how we live and who we are at any given moment.  Choice is about taking control of your life.

We are living in challenging and changing times, no doubt about it and we can’t change that.

As an Executive and Business Coach in nyc, I work with clients that see the choices that they are making are not in alignment with where they are or where they want to go.  As partners, we work together in seeing what choices would serve them better and support who they are today.

Sometimes, making choices that are more suited for who we are and what role we play in our organization takes time and energy.  It’s not always easy to shift perspectives when we are used to making choices that don’t work for us without even thinking about them.  These choices have been ingrained in our psyche and I constantly hear clients say: “Well, they’ve worked before, so why would I change now”?  And then these leaders begin to see that those choices don’t work any longer and with today’s volatile and uncertain business landscape, different choices are not only required, they are mandatory.

What choices are you making in life that either serves you and the goals that you have achieved or are looking to achieve or those that haven’t?

Might I invite you to look at the choices you’ve made to date, rate them on a scale from 1-10 and then decide if they are in alignment with your purpose and the fulfillment that you are looking for or are they derailing you from reaching your desired outcomes?