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Ep. 24 – Become a Better You in 2023 with Terry Yoffe

SHOW NOTES Terry Yoffe poses the question: 2023 How Can You Create a Better Version of You? Over the next few months, Terry will be talking about how you can shift your mindset and become that better version of yourself as she has conversations with experts that will...

What Can You Do To Take Control of Your Life?

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TRY Coaching – Power of Being in the Driver’s Seat

Douglas Pagels, Author quotes: “It takes being an active participant in your life. But you are in the driver’s seat, and you can determine the direction you want tomorrow to go in”

So, my question is simply:  are you in the driver’s seat, steering your life in the direction you want, charting your own course, or are you a passenger – watching –while someone else navigates?

These days we are all experiencing fast paced and chaotic lives, moving at record speed to keep up, catch up and ensure our place at the front of the line – especially our professional lives. Even though we think we are sitting in the driver’s seat, we might actually be letting our job; our boss; our internal and external circumstances lead us in a direction, their direction, and perhaps not ours.

As a Certified and Professional Executive and Business Coach, nyc, I have the opportunity of partnering with senior level executives, who come to coaching for the sole purpose of figuring out that exact question.  I hear “I don’t feel like I’m driving my job or my business in the direction that I want”.  “I don’t see a clear vision for myself or those around me”.  As we work through the roadblocks that keep someone stuck in this belief, more often than not, clients come to understand their own faulty thinking, beliefs and assumptions about themselves and once we shine that light, invariably, they are able to start to take control of their destiny and move forward in the direction that brings fulfillment and purpose.

What if we stopped looked out at the bigger picture and thought about how we fit into that picture vs. what is our vision for ourselves?  Would we still be on the same path – or – would we shift gears by taking the wheel with confidence and going in the direction that is fulfilling, allowing us to be our best selves?

Might I invite you to stop, take stock of where you are headed and think about what it is you want for yourself? And, if you feel so inclined, you might consider moving to the left towards the driver’s seat and seeing how it feels.  What could be different if you actually were empowering yourself by heading in the direction of your dreams?