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What Stories Do You Tell Yourself? –Are They Leading To Success or Failure?

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TRY Coaching – Power of Letting Go of the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Does this sound familiar: “I could never do ____________ because I’m not good enough at things like that” or “I won’t be able to deal with_____________ because I’ve never been successful with things like that”? The reality is that you’ve most likely led yourself to believe that these statements are true. HOWEVER, they’re nothing more than interpretations of experiences from the past. As business professionals, this is precisely what holds us back from looking to higher positions, dealing with conflict or communicating effectively, realizing our dreams and achieving work/life balance.

The stories we tell ourselves do shape us…but they don’t have to.

Grandma Moses, folk artist, states: “Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be”

And giving up these beliefs, letting go and removing the story that has been in place – is how we move forward in life and allowing us to reframe these stories so we can have the life we want.

As an executive coach, my responsibility is holding the proverbial mirror up to clients so they can see how they have been living their lives as well as recognizing their potential as a professional and as a person and asking the question: “What stories are you telling yourself and is this story leading you down the path of success, failure or stagnation?”

Being able to change perspectives is how you can create a life that is based on truths – not beliefs or interpretations. It’s about identifying and changing your story.

Whether you own or run a business or are transitioning to a new career, letting go of the stories that you tell yourself can help you:
• Learn to meet challenges
• Gain self confidence
• Resolve conflicts
• Improve communications
• Make transitions more effectively
• Improve life/work balance

Might I invite you to take a look at where you are in your life and if you are truly where you want to be or perhaps it is the stories that you are telling yourself that are holding you back from being, doing and having what you want.

Change your story – Change your life