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Ep. 24 – Become a Better You in 2023 with Terry Yoffe

SHOW NOTES Terry Yoffe poses the question: 2023 How Can You Create a Better Version of You? Over the next few months, Terry will be talking about how you can shift your mindset and become that better version of yourself as she has conversations with experts that will...

Wisdom is about sharing knowledge, expertise and experience with others on their professional path.

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Terry R. Yoffe, Career Coach –TRY Coaching –The Power of Wisdom

 I bet you didn’t know that over the years all of us have accumulated wisdom that we can share with others and help guide them on their paths in life.

The Dalai Lama has this to say on wisdom: “Share your knowledge – it’s a way to achieve immortality”.

Many years ago, I was fortunate to be one of the co-founders of a wonderful mentoring program that went on to become one of the most important programs in this organization. I was lucky enough to become the chair of the mentoring committee for many years.  The mentoring program paired seasoned professionals, “mentors”, with younger, less experienced “mentees” looking for guidance and wisdom.  What an honor to be able to share the wisdom and knowledge that I acquired from both my personal and professional experience.  To be able to have such an impact on my mentees was both rewarding and fulfilling.

As a Certified and Executive Business Coach, nyc,  I partner with clients in leadership positions, in order to help them reach their desired outcomes by moving through their fears and stories, flexing muscles they haven’t used in order to achieve their goals and become their personal best.  Coaching is not mentoring however it’s an opportunity to again share wisdom by creating the space for clients to get to the heart of what stops them by listening to what they are saying, challenging and engaging them to uncover the faulty thinking that keeps them stuck.  As a coach, it is also about sharing wisdom and experiences that can help move them forward.

It’s truly transformational when someone is willing to reach out to others and help them along their path in life, whether, personally or professionally.  We all have the ability to create this magic if only we are willing to take the time to look up from our busy lives and see what’s wanted and needed in today’s hectic and fast paced universe.

By the way, wisdom can also be found in small people as well.  I have had many conversations with young people, and if you listen, there’s a lot to be learned from hearing their views on life.

This year, make a promise to yourself to reach out to someone and give them the gift of wisdom, I can assure you that it will be life altering for both of you.