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Making Changes, especially in today’s challenging business landscape, is hard yet necessary for leaders

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Terry R. Yoffe, Professional Certified Coach — TRY Coaching – Power of Making Changes

Having difficulty making changes, especially in today’s challenging and disruptive times? Do you seem to be stuck in an old belief pattern that is keeping you from being the effective leader you need to be or speaking up when necessary within your business environment?

My guess, there’s an underlying fear that you haven’t looked at or faced up to that keeps “rearing its ugly head” no matter how hard you try to sidestep the issue?

Marilyn Ferguson, American Author and Public Speaker so pointedly says: “No one can persuade another to change. Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside.  We cannot open the gate of another, either by agreement or by emotional appeal”

Indeed, we have all faced a time when making that change is the better choice however it takes courage, resilience and determination to face that pattern or patterns that no longer serve us yet we choose not to.  As Marilyn Ferguson states, change is an “inside job” and that takes self-awareness and self-clarity, to be willing to first identify that pattern and then make the necessary changes.

As a Certified Executive and Business Coach, nyc, my clients seek out coaching because they understand that they can’t make these changes alone or alternatively, they have no idea what the underlying patterns are that keep them stuck.  As their coach, one of my responsibilities is to help them begin to see the blocks that are not allowing them to achieve their desired outcomes.

If you are having difficulty making an important change, below are several steps in helping you overcome the fear that is holding you back:

  • Identify one change that you would like to make
  • Ask yourself what emotion is keeping this change in place?(fear, overwhelm, anxiety or even vulnerability)
  • Once you have identified the emotion ask yourself how you can overcome it?

Perhaps it is just the emotion that is keeping you paralyzed rather than the actual change.

  • When you stare down the emotion and let go of the grip it has on you, then you are free to make that change and turn this challenge into an opportunity to stretch yourself and create new perspectives.

What positive outcomes would result if you were able to identify what is holding you back and then make the changes that allow you to turn those opportunities into reality?