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Ep. 24 – Become a Better You in 2023 with Terry Yoffe

SHOW NOTES Terry Yoffe poses the question: 2023 How Can You Create a Better Version of You? Over the next few months, Terry will be talking about how you can shift your mindset and become that better version of yourself as she has conversations with experts that will...

What Are Several Ways to Maintain Work/Life Harmony?

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TRY Coaching – Power of the Dance and Journey of Coaching

Every day each of us is doing a dance. Whether it’s the corporate/business dance with our managers and staff, or with family, friends and even with ourselves – we’re always trying to balance this delicate dance as we go through life.

To be clear, we can’t realistically re-invent ourselves, start a business or transition into a new job or embark on a new career unless our inner rhythm is in sync with the tune of our outer world.

In order to find harmony, we must let go of old dance steps and find new ones.  Once we do that, we can get what we truly want in our personal and professional lives. Creating change, like learning to dance, can be challenging and doesn’t always happen as quickly as we would like.  To accelerate this process, hiring a Business Coach is a way to help you find the harmony that you may be seeking.

Don Miguel Ruiz, author, quotes: “Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm changes. But life is changing all the time”.

Coaching is a dance between the coach and client — a partnership whereby the client leads and the coach follows.  As this unique alliance of trust and respect grows, the dance flows as the coach helps guide the client around the dance floor of life. Whether it’s braving those complicated steps of salsa dancing where our fears and conflicts are staring us in the face, or through the calm steps of the waltz, where the client begins to experience and celebrate their wins and successes.

My sole purpose and passion as a Professional and Certified Executive and Business Coach, nyc,  is about commitment in helping clients uncover those obsolete and outdated dance steps with the goal of having them experience LIFE to its fullest.

Once you learn how to listen to your own inner rhythm, everyday challenges such as building communication skills; taking risks and gaining self-confidence won’t be so overwhelming.  You’ll learn how to glide across the dance floor of your life with greater ease, confidence and harmony.

The Question Is:  Are you a wallflower in your own life’s dance?  Are you waiting for someone to take your hand and invite you onto the dance floor because you are too afraid to step outside your comfort zone and face life’s challenges — even though your life is devoid of fulfillment or purpose?

OR are you courageous enough to step onto that dance floor with someone that can help you discover your own inner rhythm, so you can learn to accept what is presented to you each day in this constantly changing, volatile and uncertain landscape called “Your Life?”